Santau Tuju Angin

As Sahar

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Occultus revenges in Bojonegoro
Sorceries of Mbah Ucuh
The diabolical glows of Jawa Timur
Releasing the might in Santau Tuju Angin

Unexplained cavities on the cemeteries
Which laid the victimized holy kiyais

Arosbaya, Kalinyamat and Pairan
Succumbed to the mordancy
Of Santau Tuju Angin

Mbah Ucuh's black magick consecration
His ritualistic voracities
Banishing his enmities
Of the prowess prouds in Bundaran

No traces of the bobot corpses

Sudden shivers and sudden paleness
Blood vomituration and spilled from shades of cuts
Nbah Ucuh's enormity and the following enraptures
Santau Tuju Angin enshroud the majestic east

Homicidal winds of evil prevalence
Dukun Cabul of Bojonegoro
And the supremacies of Santau Tuju Angin.

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